California Tan

HD Millionaire

*Extends, enhances and completes

gradual sunless tanning results

*Provides intense , long term hydration

*Prepares skin to develop radiant color and deliver stunning tanning results

*Shields skins youthful appearance with nutrients to prevent damage

*Beautiful shimmer

We carry a wide selection of tanning lotions and after tan lotions  including ones from:
Australian Gold

California Tan

Designer Skin

Devoted Creations

Ed Hardy

Pro Tan


Swedish Beauty

Our staff  can help you decide which lotion is best for you goals and skin type!


Get your best color!

Tanning Salon


Green Tea & Asian Pear

*Conditions and hydrates skin

*Non-greasy light weight formula

*Rich in antioxidents and fatty acids to retain firm moisturized skin

Swedish Beauty

Pink & Proper

* Contains antioxidant's that help skin stay youthful

* Caffeine helps tone the skin and work to stimulate tissue growth.

* 3 Moisturizers promote a healthy glow for any skin type.

Designer Skin

Room 2285

* Dual bronzing blend of instant and

delayed bronzers.

* A touch of silicone to promote

softer smoother skin.

* Warm and Cozy Fragrance.

Designer Skin


*Ultra Advanced 5oX Bronzer.

*Age Defying

*Produces Faster and

Darker Color

*Helps Prevent After Tan


Staff Favorites Include:


Beach Bum Tanning of Lodi