Tanning Salon

Designer Skin

Room 2285

* Dual bronzing blend of instant and

delayed bronzers.

* A touch of silicone to promote

softer smoother skin.

* Warm and Cozy Fragrance.

Swedish Beauty

Pink & Proper

* Contains antioxidant's that help skin stay youthful

* Caffeine helps tone the skin and work to stimulate tissue growth.

* 3 Moisturizers promote a healthy glow for any skin type.


Get your best color!

Beach Bum Tanning of Lodi

Designer Skin


*Ultra Advanced 5oX Bronzer.

*Age Defying

*Produces Faster and

Darker Color

*Helps Prevent After Tan


California Tan

HD Millionaire

*Extends, enhances and completes

gradual sunless tanning results

*Provides intense , long term hydration

*Prepares skin to develop radiant color and deliver stunning tanning results

*Shields skins youthful appearance with nutrients to prevent damage

*Beautiful shimmer


Green Tea & Asian Pear

*Conditions and hydrates skin

*Non-greasy light weight formula

*Rich in antioxidents and fatty acids to retain firm moisturized skin

Staff Favorites Include:


We carry a wide selection of tanning lotions and after tan lotions  including ones from:
Australian Gold

California Tan

Designer Skin

Devoted Creations

Ed Hardy

Pro Tan


Swedish Beauty

Our staff  can help you decide which lotion is best for you goals and skin type!